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UCSI University is a multi-campus private university based in Malaysia.

UCSI University is a member of the UCSI Education Group which comprises UCSI International School Springhill, UCSI International School Subang, Sri UCSI School, UCSI Child Development Centre, UCSI Publishing House and UCSI Extension.

UCSI University was established in 1986. Originally the Canadian Institute of Computer Studies, the school has evolved with accreditation. In 1990, it became Sedaya College, later Sedaya International College. In 2003 it became University College Sedaya International (UCSI), and in 2008 when it became a full university was renamed UCSI University. UCSI University is situated in the centre of Kuala Lumpur.

Academic Strengths
There are 396 members of academic staff (staff to student ratio of 1:22) with the following qualifications:

– 68 doctorate degree holders
– 19 doctorate degree candidates
– 235 master’s degree holders

While attaining a university degree opens doors to career opportunities around the world, a degree alone is not a guarantee to secure one’s dream job. In today’s competitive world, qualification alone is not enough for one to land or sustain a meritorious career and it was for this reason that the University goes to great lengths to ensure its students balance academic mastery with industrial application, and gain the skills that give them that added edge.

Recognition & Achievements
UCSI University is ISO-certified and won a Special Award for Quality Management from the Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) in 2008 – a testament to its strong track record of educational excellence. In 2009, the University also won the Brand Laureate SMEs Chapter Award for the Best Brand in Tertiary Education.

The University has a dedicated department – namely, Quality Assurance and Enhancement – that ensures all of its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are approved and accredited by the Malaysian government. The University also conducts regular internal audits to ensure all services rendered by the University to its students are of the highest quality.

Apart from facing regular checks by the government, UCSI University also maintains close ties with industry advisory boards to ensure that its programmes are relevant and up-to-date. All of its professional programmes meet or exceed industry standards through regular meetings and audits by the boards. All faculties work hand in hand with industrial partners by exchanging valuable knowledge and technology on a regular basis.

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