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HELP University founded in 1986 to provide affordable quality educational opportunities for Malaysians, HELP University has become a leading institution of higher learning in Malaysia with a firmly established international reputation among universities, research organisations, scholars, business and corporate leaders, and governments in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.

It offers a wide and diverse range of programmes covering business, law, entrepreneurship, management, economics, IT, psychology, communication, social sciences and the humanities at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It has also assumed a leading role in research and development in certain disciplines and subject areas.

Through rigorous standards and benchmarking, HELP has achieved many successes and won plaudits and respect from many quarters, locally and abroad, making the university college a preferred partner in many crucial areas of endeavour and cooperation.

The quality of education imparted by HELP ensures its graduates are preferred over others by multinational companies as well as discerning employers in many areas of the globe and their rapidly assumed responsible leadership roles and positions.

Never in private education in Malaysia or in the Asia Pacific has a university recorded so many unique successes and accomplishments in various fields of endeavour: academic, social, community, charitable, sports and recreational. All these have been achieved through visionary leadership and a constant drive from the staff to aim for and give their best. HELP University has made many breakthroughs and broken many records, setting new trends and standards in the process. It has become a model for successful edupreneurship.

The conferment of university status by the government in 2004 is tacit recognition of HELP’s distinguished achievements and provides a fillip to further excellence and quality. It is now poised to play its role as an intellectual leader and a great centre of learning and tertiary education.

HELP’s vision is to help every one succeed in life and live a life of significance through education. Its mission is to be a university with a strong culture of quality and leadership that focuses on sound academic standards, continuous improvement, and talent development of students and staff. It will also offer a learning experience that enhances career development, lifetime values and personal fulfillment. One of HELP’s missions is to share its success with the stakeholders and community it serves.

Academic Strengths
Profile of Lecturers, HELP University is reputed to have an outstanding teaching faculty. All teaching staff possess master’s degrees with many holding PhDs. The local faculty is complemented by many international scholars and academics from top universities like Cambridge, Harvard, American University, University of Texas Austin and University of Queensland who serve as visiting professors, lecturers, examiners and moderators.

Course Contents, HELP University focuses on:

– The Skill of Conceptualisation
– The Science of Organisation
– The Art of Articulation
– The Practice of Application

Much of HELP’s success lies in its unique educational philosophy and pedagogy. It believes that education is an opportunity for an individual to realise his fullest potential. It utilises its faculty’s academic credentials and vast experience at all levels and modes of education to design and deliver programmes that live up to the highest standards.

The quality of instruction and delivery is benchmarked against the highest standards and criteria, and is guaranteed by an elaborate system of quality assurance imposed by examining boards, external examiners, peer evaluators and statutory regulations.

Our educational philosophy is holistic. On campus, there are sophisticated and unique programmes and services offered by qualified and experienced counsellors and psychologists for the pastoral care and personal development of students to enable them to undertake their rigorous studies in the best psychological and emotional frame of mind for maximum achievement.

Employability of Graduates – Career Opportunities in Top Companies

HELP University has close links with Fortune 500 companies such as Unisys and Siemens Nixdorf.

HELP’s graduates are also popular candidates for employment with leading multinational companies such as Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey & Co, Ernst & Young, Accenture, KPMG and others.

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